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Groups & Teams

Organizational culture is experienced at the group and team level. Our products are novel learning experiences designed for remote, hybrid, or in-person groups to fulfill their potential and to realize all they are capable of - one focus at a time.

Develop your team with our high-impact and high-impression learning experiences.

Reinventing Group/Team


With deep expertise on designing world-class solutions for executives at top companies, it made sense to harness the most relevant and powerful questions and experiences and to encapsulate them in a way that could be consumed by anyone in any organizations. These experiences offer timely approaches to address the most critical capabilities for the future of work.


Particularly, in today's hybrid environment it can be difficult to find solutions that engage and develop without the additional digital drain. Experiences that feel like the investment and gift that they are, while still fitting into busy schedules.

With our Capabilities Through Cards™ system you can begin immediately, no pre-requisites or other training required. We designed our experiences to flex to your style and work environment. Your future life is waiting for you - make it extraordinary!

Recommended Experiences

Suggested Uses



  • Reflect without digital distractions

  • Complete as a 3-week team exercise

  • Use pre, during, or post team offsite

  • Use with peers/learning circle

  • Intentional gifting to team

Consider using in synchronous potent doses and holding discussions to debrief one-on-one or as a group.



  • Make the experience part of a monthly development focus

  • Use pre or post team offsite

  • Use with peers/learning circle

  • Develop yourself as a leader

  • Intentional gifting to team

Consider using as an alternative to frequently used team development offerings, like MBTI or StrengthsFinder, then debrief as a group.



  • Perfect for team-building

  • Integrate into a team offsite

  • Use as an extended team meeting

  • Engage without digital distractions

  • Have multiple groups go through, as deployment is flexible

  • Use with peers/learning circle

  • Deeper group connection

Consider using in conjunction with Daily Rituals and Individual Ventures.

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