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Sustainable Sourcing

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Sustainable Sourcing

As a print-based company, we know that even more important than what we make, is considering our impact to the planet and being as responsible as possible in how we make our products.

We use two primary printers. All of our products are either printed here in the United States to reduce our impact of long-distance transportation or produced in Germany using the highest standards for sustainability practices, adhering to FSC certification. Our German printer works exclusively with environmentally responsible suppliers who ensure the greatest environmental safety of the paper sourced for our products. The paper industry is very energy-intensive, however most of the required energy is produced in-house via renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

Our printer uses cardboard with the highest possible percentage of recycled material – that saves resources and reduces energy usage. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond how we source and produce our paper. We continuously work to optimize our supply chain to decrease our transportation impact on the environment. We also have intentionally designed our products with varnish finishes to reduce the need for excessive plastic packaging. We know these are worthy investments and critical for print-based companies doing their part to promote sustainable printing practices.

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