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Why Print?

a difference you can feel

Why Print?

We know this intuitively, but let's revisit it scientifically...why print? 

The neurons in our brains fire differently when we interact with physical media. It creates a more potent and memorable experience in our brains. This can be quite useful when our transformation, culture, or group efforts necessitate a deeper connection and imprint.

Our Capability Through Cards system is based on neuroscientific and behavioral scientific research, which reinforces the idea that a deck of cards will prompt a user to want to continue an experience through to completion - you can literally see the end in sight.

Stave off virtual meeting burnout, engage differently and unplug for a moment - an area where we know individuals, teams, leaders, and executives alike are struggling. Our most innovative ideas come to us in these untethered moments. Curiosity, intrigue, and a sense of play make the experiences motivating and enjoyable to complete.

There are distinct advantages to digital, like updating content in real-time, which is crucial for learning in organizations. However our experiences while very timely are also timeless. This allows us to offer relevant insights and reflective experiences without the need for of-the-minute content updates. Making change real requires a holistic approach and your tactile options just got a major upgrade!

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