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frequently asked questions


Q: can these experiences be done digitally?
A: it depends. Yes, our Daily Ritual and Individual Venture product lines can be done and debriefed remotely, digitally, virtually, or in a hybrid environment. Our Group Encounter product line however was intentionally designed to provide a unique, high-impression experience that gives people a reason to gather that can not be easily replicated online as it optimizes the in-person presence of the gathering. However, all of our products can be enhanced by virtual or digital content running alongside these high-touch tactile experiences.

Q: do allow for pre-orders on your Individual Ventures?
A: yes, to secure your products, please send an e-mail to

Q: do you ship internationally?
A: yes, however shipping rates will apply and given current international shipping delays, orders are best placed well in advance of your need.

Q: is it possible to see what each product experience is like?
A: yes, we are currently in the process of designing demonstration videos for each of our products. In the meantime, please feel free to use the forms at the bottom of the For Groups and Teams or For Organizations pages to request an exploratory conversation to inquire about specific experiences and to speak with someone to determine if our products will meet your needs.

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