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transforming your sticky situations

We all want forward momentum. And while ‘radically swift’ is the new breed of change, we tend to stagnate in our most sticky situations. How do we break out of the ruts that matter most? How do we propel ourselves and our organizations forward? Future-ready yourself and your workforce with Unstuck.


Our Unstuck collection is the perfect fit for when you have a sticky situation you are working through. Think of when you wish you had a coach to help you move forward. These products are designed with a coach approach underpinning that helps turn up your awareness to where you are, get clear on where you need to go, and help you illuminate how to close the gap.


Perfect for individuals who believe each day counts. The Unstuck: Daily Ritual guides you through unearthing potential in each aspect of your life. Think of it as a holistic (wheel-of-life) assessment that is approached in mini bite size reflections. Each day you focus on an aspect of your life, articulate your ideal, and determine a realistic path to getting to more of the life you desire.

  • Time: 3-10 minutes daily/weekly

  • Participants: designed for 1

  • Work environment: in-person, hybrid, remote, solo

  • Capabilities: getting unstuck, awareness, challenge-solving, coaching questions, life design, performance improvement, goal-setting

  • Suggested Uses: for individuals



Perfect for individuals who want to go deeper. The Unstuck: Individual Venture is a 3-week experience where you will reflect and learn a lot about getting unstuck. Just like cracking into a great novel - you can do it independently or organize a "book club" experience where you connect and discuss your experience with others.

  • Time: 3-week curated experience (one-time use)

  • Participants: designed for 1

    Work environment: hybrid, remote, solo

    Capabilities: getting unstuck, coaching frame (where am I? where do I want to be? how do I close the gap?), challenge-solving, scenario-planning, perspective-taking, performance improvement

  • Suggested Uses: for groups and teams


Perfect for groups and teams that want to work through individual or collective sticky situations. Think of it as ideal for an offsite or team development session. Choose a focus area or let individuals select. Regardless the outcome is the same - clarity on where you are now, where you want to go, and a narrative that will help contribute to progress.

  • Time: 45-90 minutes

  • Participants: designed for 2-6

  • Location: in-person