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our mission:  create scientifically-based, artistically beautiful learning experiences to build better humans for a brighter future.

Learn more about our story, the Bolster Leadership difference, why we do what we do, and who we are:

our story

With years of experience working for and consulting with some of the top companies in the world a few questions kept coming up:

How do we develop a learning organization?

How do we create a culture where everyone sees themselves as a leader?

How do we build the capabilities we need to succeed in a
VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment?

A decade of designing portable, digital and virtual experiences for leaders across the world seemed to provide answers to these questions, but it also raised new questions:

How do we create a highly-impressionable experience and cut through the noise?

How do we develop people without expecting them to just spend more time online?

How might we scale a personal touch when we can't gather in person?

the Bolster Leadership difference

why we do what we do



Our experiences pull from the latest neuroscience, positive psychology, human resource development and behavioral scientific research. Even moreso, our products stem from deep practical insights obtained from working directly with some of the top companies in the world.



Every experience uses our Capabilities Through Cards® system - meaning the cards cue what to do, so you can begin immediately. No manuals or pre-requisite training/experience required.



In-person, remote, hybrid, solo? We have you covered. Our products are great for enhancing leadership development programs, coaching sessions, team-building, and self/team development, AND can adapt to a variety of other contexts for individuals and groups.



Designed in Minnesota, our products leverage world-class artistry to intentionally enhance the learning experience, delivering richer visceral insights. Each card is like a mini artwork.



Our approach to building capabilities for life and work is fresh and innovative. The unique nature of our high-quality linen-finish cards that guide participants through deeper insight and inquiry, produce both a high-impression and high-impact experience.



Integrity matters. As a print-based company, we use the most sustainable practices and partners available in the making of our products. Every product is made in the USA or from sustainable forests in Germany, earning us FSC certification.

who we are

We are a women-owned business that believes your development is worth bolstering.

We work with our own distinct VIBE, we:

Value people and purpose

Intentionally decide

Bake brilliance into everything

Elevate standards

We believe words create worlds and conversations can transform lives.

Which is why each experience is enhanced with unique artistry, a solid scientific foundation, and a focus on individual transformation and peer-driven learning.

our leadership team



Co-Founder, Business & Product Design Lead

PhD Organizational Leadership

Designed Executive and Leadership Development programs at Cargill and Target

Adjunct Instructor at University of Minnesota, teaching Facilitation Skills, Strategic Planning & Decision-Making, and Positive Conversation




Co-Founder, Financial & Operations Lead

Engineer turned Designer/Innovator 

Created Award-Winning Learning Solutions for leading companies at GP Strategies and Ken Blanchard Companies

Presented for ATD, CLO Symposium, DisruptHR



Artist & Graphic Designer

Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD) 

Designed graphics at Best Buy, Polaris, Fantasy Flight Games and Bolster Leadership

Freelance board game graphic designer with titles like Sagrada and Dead of Winter



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