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Pruning: Group Encounter
how to say no and finally prioritize

Cut it out. Humans have bad habits of saying yes when they really want to say no, not now, or I have a more important yes.

How do we stop bungling our efforts personally and professionally?
How do we get clear on what really matters?
How do I say no and finally prioritize?

Keeping it simple has never been easy, and yet now the path has never been more clear. Future-ready yourself and your workforce with Pruning: Group Encounter.

A science-backed, professional-grade curated leadership development experience in-a-box. Just gather your group of 2-6 people, set the deck of cards in the middle of the group, and begin by having someone simply draw and read the first card. The experience and instruction are embedded in the deck of cards and people will take turns drawing from the top. The experience is concluded when all cards have been drawn.

This experience is intentionally designed to create a unique in-person, differentiated experience that makes clear "why did I commute in for this?". It asks participants to notice, connect, reflect, and move toward personal commitments.


Capabilities: prioritization, awareness, focus

Contents: 1 deck of large cards, 1 pad of reflection paper, 6 pencils, 1 bonus material booklet

Suggested Time: 45-90 minutes depending on group size

Intended Use: optimal for small groups of 2-6 people.  top uses include team offsite, small group in-depth bonding, weekend retreat activity, leadership development program insert, and learning circle/group experience

Works with: uniquely in-person


Fresh. Innovative. Inspired. Our Group Encounters use the Capabilities Through Cards™ system and are part of a series of truly novel and reflective peer-driven experiences. Curious? Just open the box and watch the experience unfold as the group begins by simply drawing the top card...leading to the deepening of connections and the building of capabilities.


©2020 Bolster Leadership LLC, all rights reserved. No part of this product may be reproduced without specific permission. Capabilities through Cards is an official trade mark of Bolster Leadership LLC.

Pruning: Group Encounter

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