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Speak: Daily Ritual
improving your communication


This reflection question card pack goes beyond question prompts and conversation starters. The beautifully designed packaging contains 12 linen finish cards organized in a curated sequence of reflective coaching questions to help you learn how to show up well, communicate better, and voice your perspective.


Use as a standalone product/experience or integrate it with others. Whether you use it personally to develop yourself, intentional gifting to develop a team or group, or as part of a larger event or experience - we know these small sets of cards will make a big difference!

Fit for the true future of work of life, Bolster Leadership products focus on self-guided and peer-to-peer development with built-in boundaries to help people digitally disconnect, focus with intention, and take action to create more fulfilling lives.

Product Overview:
Contents: 12 double-sided linen-finish reflection cards: card fronts include curated, sequenced coaching questions designed to build a capability, and card backs include modular art and words of encouragement to deepen the reflection
Capabilities: communication, advocacy, inquiry
Suggested Time: 3-10 minutes daily/weekly
Intended Use: designed with flexibility in mind, top uses include self-development, spot-coaching, centering/grounding exercise, 3-week team challenge, intentional team gifting, and larger experience inserts/gifts
Credential: NFT for proof of participation available via QR code scan
Works with: in-person, hybrid, remote, and flexible environments


This card pack is small, but mighty! Fresh. Innovative. Inspired. Speak: Daily Ritual uses the Capabilities Through Cards™ system and is part of a series of truly novel and reflective experiences. Curious? Just draw the first card - it's that easy! The cards cue what to do.

Product Specifications:
Packaging: Responsibly printed paper-based packaging
Material: Paper (linen-finish)

Dimensions: 2.85 x 4.85 x 0.45 (inches)
Weight: 1.55 ounces
Designed with love in Minnesota
Made in Germany


©2020 Bolster Leadership LLC, all rights reserved. No part of this product may be reproduced without specific permission. Capabilities through Cards is an official trademark of Bolster Leadership LLC.

Speak: Daily Ritual

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