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Body unstuck

An incredible realization about the body is understanding that it is always in the present moment. Getting in tune with your body is getting in tune with the present.

The embodiment of grace can exist in various parts of our body. Having compassion for our bodies provides insight into our relationship with our bodies overall. Similar to the mind-body connection we can build awareness for how the mind affects the body and how the body affects the mind. As we build up compassion with our body it can create a ripple effect.

When it comes to grace, we can generate a sense of release of tension with our body that can bring about a sense of release and peace in our mind. This practice of mindfulness with the body is often referred to as a body scan, where an individual tenses a part of their body and then moments later releases the tension. This scan can go from the top of the head to your toes.

Consider your practice challenge:

How did you move beyond your comfort zone? Where did the real learning take place?

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