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Good nerves

An incredible realization about the body is understanding that it is always in the present moment. Getting in tune with your body is getting in tune with the present.

When it comes to the mind-body connection we can build awareness for how the mind affects the body and how the body affects the mind. Most people, would say that most people get nervous before needing to speak in front of others, or even to advocate for an unpopular opinion. We need our minds to reframe nervousness.

Nerves are often seen as something to get rid of, however if you consider what nervousness is, it's actually a form of energy.

Isn't energy a great thing to have as a speaker? as someone advocating a perspective?

Nervous energy is not only useful, but it can translate into a more compelling and engaging speech. The key is to give the nervous energy a healthy, intentional outlet through movement. When you are feeling nervous, keep the good energy and let the excess move out of you by walking around.

For example, when people lose their words or message in front of others, it's actually because their brain was flooded with stress hormones like cortisol, which wipe the mind from connecting the salient points it once had. A way to bring your brain back online is to move.

Consider your practice challenge:

What did you notice about how your thoughts and words flowed when you were moving?

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