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The change you can control

In times of change, especially constant change, we can feel out of control.

Fortunately, there is one thing you can control.

Cognitive shifting is the mental process of consciously redirecting your attention from one fixation to another. It is one of the key distinctions between humans and animals. This is a form of cognitive flexibility. When it happens subconsciously, it is referred to as task switching.

In cognitive therapy or awareness management, we consciously choose to take charge of our mental habits. We choose to turn our attention to helpful, more successful focuses.

In work settings, these cognitive shifts are seen as high performance skills or techniques of refocusing attention in more alert, innovative, and productive directions.

Bottom line: you may not control the change, but you can control what you pay attention to amid change.

Where have you consciously made a cognitive shift?
What conditions were present that helped facilitate making the mental shift?
What cognitive shift might be helpful for you to make right now?

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