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Pruning: Individual Venture

how to say no and finally prioritize


A 21-day mini-course-in-a-box experience where you will shine a bright light on the choices you make and your choices ahead. Indeed your choices determine your life's future direction. With rich insights, practice challenges, and meaningful reflection, just like cracking into a great novel - you can do it independently or organize a "book club" where you connect and discuss your experience with others.

Draw at least one card a day from box [A], follow the instructions on it, then discard it into box [B]. The experience concludes when all cards have been drawn.

Our Individual Ventures provide in-depth learning experiences designed with behavioral science and positive psychology underpinnings to set you on a path to building worthwhile leadership capabilities. Go beyond question prompts or conversation starters to engage in a science-backed life-altering experience!

These mini-courses-in-a-box work great as a 3-week self-development experience or as a team/group challenge kicked off at the beginning of a month and then debriefed at the end. Use as standalone experiences or interwoven with others and consider sustaining the learning with our Pruning: Daily Ritual companion product.

Product Overview:
Capabilities: prioritization, awareness, decision-making
Contents: 36 double-sided linen-finish cards, which include reflection/action prompts, art, and more; 2 tuck boxes (box [A] and box [B]) and 1 instructive leaflet
Suggested Time: 5-10 minutes daily for 21 days
Intended Use: designed with flexibility in mind, top uses include self-development, team monthly challenge, intentional team gifting, personal retreat-in-a-box, culture signaling, and learning circle/group experience (think book club style).
Credential: NFT for proof of completion available via QR code scan
Works with: in-person, hybrid, remote, and flexible environments

Fresh. Innovative. Inspired. Our Individual Ventures use the Capabilities Through Cards™ system and are part of a series of truly novel and reflective experiences. Curious? Just draw the first card - it's that easy! The cards cue what to do.

Product Specifications:
Material: Paper (linen-finish) FSC-certified
Dimensions: 5.4 x 6.72 x 0.85 (inches)
Weight: 6.64 ounces
Designed with love in Minnesota
Made in Germany

©2020 Bolster Leadership LLC, all rights reserved. No part of this product may be reproduced without specific permission. Capabilities through Cards is an official trademark of Bolster Leadership LLC.

Pruning: Individual Venture

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