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Iceland vs. Congo Republic live 13 December 2023 Live HD

The strength of our leadership is sacrifice; a team ready to sacrifice their own lives to seek and bring kids to Jesus Christ. The security situation in the DRC ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Congo, Republic of the about 70% of the population lives in Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire, or along the railroad between them adjective: Congolese or Congo. Ethnic groups: Definition ... Democratic Republic of the Congo ... and North Kivu Provinces, including against civilians living in displacement sites. Globally, DRC ranks high among countries most affected by food insecurity. Democratic Republic of the Congo This underlines the urgent need for transparency and anti-corruption efforts to create a safer world. People protest against the increase in the cost of living ... Life expectancy at birth, total (years) - Congo, Dem. Rep. World Population Prospects: 2022 Revision, or derived from male and female life expectancy at birth from sources such as: ( 2 ) Census reports and other ... 19 M US$Infrastructure COD:totalper 1000inh. Roadways:152, 373 km1. 54 km12, 898 km33. 77 kmPassenger airports:260. 0003100. 0262Energy balance Details for the Congo (Dem. Republic) and Iceland COD:totalper 1000inh. Production capacity:25. 57 bn kWh258, 260. 63 kWh25. 99 bn kWh68. 06 m kWhEnergy consumption:7. 7 yearsØ 37. 1 yearsBirth rate:42. 05 ‰13. 10 ‰Death rate:9. 70 ‰6. 30 ‰Migrationrate:-0. 65 ‰1. 63 ‰Quality of lifeValues from 0 (bad) to 100 (very good)See also: Explanations and country ranking on quality of life Congo (Dem. Republic)IcelandPolitical stability:3485Civil rights:891Health:187Climate:548Cost of Living:5937Popularity:1950EconomyDetails for the Congo (Dem. Republic)IcelandCurrency:Congolais franc(1 CDF = 100 Centimes)Icelandic krone(1 ISK =100 Aurar)Unemployment rate:5. 0%3. Country comparison: Congo (Dem. Republic) / IcelandThis country comparison is a concise, tabular overview of numerous data from our respective country pages for the Congo (Dem. Republic) and Iceland. There, we provide many explanations and details per country that go far beyond this comparison. On this page:General informationPopulationQuality of lifeEconomyInfrastructureEnergy balanceTelecommunicationHealthcare systemClimatelanguagesReligionsGeneral information Congo (Dem. Republic)IcelandRegion:Central AfricaNorthern EuropeArea:2, 344, 860 km²103, 000 km²Official language:FrenchIcelandicGovernment form:Semi-presidential republicParliamentary republicCapital:KinshasaReykjavíkPopulationDetails for the Congo (Dem. Republic) and Iceland Congo (Dem. Republic)IcelandPopulation:99, 010, 000381, 900 Inhabitants/km²:42. 23. 7Life expectancy males:Ø 57 yearsØ 82 yearsLife expectancy females:Ø 62 yearsØ 85 yearsAverage age:Ø 16. 18 bn kWh72, 534. 94 kWh17. 91 bn kWh46. 90 m kWhEnergy production:9. 19 bn kWh92, 785. 38 kWh18. 43 bn kWh48. 26 m kWhCO2 emissions:3. 03 m t30. 56 t1. 45 m t3, 787. 90 tTelecommunicationDetails for the Congo (Dem. Republic)IcelandInternational dialing:+243+354Internet domain:. cd. is CODtotalCODper 1000inh. ISLtotalISLper 1000inh. Mobile cellulars:49, 844, 134503456, 8641196Internet users:22, 674, 908229380, 705997Broadband Internet:33, 0000142, 334373Healthcare systemDetails for the Congo (Dem. Republic)IcelandHospital beds per 1000 inh. 8%Inflation rate:2. 89%8. 31%Cost of Living:(USA = 100%)31. 32%120. 15%Commercial taxes and contributions:50. 70%31. 90%Average income:590 US$68, 220 US$Central government debt (% of GDP):152. 19%65. 93%General government debt (% of GDP):14. 58%68. 73%Corruption index:80 (very bad)26 (good) COD:totalper 1000inh. ISL:totalper 1000inh. Gross domestic product:58, 066 M US$0. 59 M US$27, 842 M US$72. 90 M US$Gross national product:58, 205 M US$0. 59 M US$26, 055 M US$68. 22 M US$Exported goods:22, 354 M US$0. 23 M US$12, 867 M US$33. 69 M US$Imported goods:22, 193 M US$0. 22 M US$13, 058 M US$34. Visit Iceland ... and EFTA states (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland). A uniform The People's Republic of Congo; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Ghana; Iran; Iraq; Nigeria ... :0. 802. 83Physicians per 1000 inh. 093. 97Diabetes:6. 0%5. 8%HIV:0. 26%0. 07%Tuberculosis:3. 18 ‰0. 03 ‰Tuberculosis cure rate:94. 0%100. 0%Smokers:12. 8%12. 0%Climate We also provide a more detailed climate comparison of both countries. The data for each country can be found here: Congo (Dem. Republic)IcelandDaytime temperatures:30. OECD Economic Surveys: Iceland Immigration has increased rapidly since the late 1990s, driven largely by strong economic growth and high standards of living. This has brought important ...


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